Monday, June 27, 2011

If others can do it, I can

I am writing this in a frustrated mood.

My Kitchen does not have enough counter space. I can't stand that I have to use my cookbook as a cutting board since I have no where else to put it.

Dear Kitchenaid,
I love my mixer. I hate that it is right hand oriented. It has a plastic cover so you can add ingredients and not get them all over while its running. It is on the right side and isn't any cleaner for me to twist my left hand to use it. (This one I actually sent to the company)

Dear Rose,
Please stop throwing your food on the floor. I hate that, especially since your chair is on carpet. Please stop taking everything out of mommys purse and dropping it on the floor. It is frustrating to have to pick it up everyday.

Dear Stove,
I used a burner and it worked fine. I used it again and it caught fire. I don't understand why you are so tempermental. I also ended up burning my gravy. Which I had not done before today.

Dear me,
I really need a break. My head is loose and sometimes missing. Like when I saw the light going the other way turn green and I started to go. I need to put less on my plate. When will things calm down?

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Rose walking

Rose's 1st Birthday-Warning shirtless baby

My little skunk...maybe I should call her that on here. hehe. Turned one last Saturday. We had a nice little family party to celebrate.
I got up early on Saturday to decorate her cake. I almost didn't finish it when the cake fell apart as I was taking it out of the pan. Thank you Ed for being patient and fixing it for me! So I can't get it to let me write in between each picture. Though Rose got many nice presents her favorite seemed to be the box one came in. And of course pictures of her eating her cake.

Monday, March 21, 2011

A long time coming

I haven't posted in a long time and I have had a lot of time to think lately. In the last month I quit my job at Hancock's and got a new job at Beehive Clothing. I work in the temple department on temple clothing. (Go Figure) There I sticker bags for the clothing to go in to and tape guidelines for other people to sew. I was hired to bag things for $8/hr. It was less pay than I got at Hancock's but there aren't any weekends, holidays, or evenings required (except if it's overtime). The holidays are also paid. On my first day was informed I would also be doing the taping. Later that week I found out that the taping was a higher pay and they were gonna change it to that. $9.66/hr. Woo-hoo, now I even get paid more than at my other job! It is a very tiring job, you have to move fast. It is piece rate, so I get paid really for what I do. If I only do 90% of what it should take to do in a day I get 90% of my pay but when I get 110% I get 110% of my pay. The really amazing thing is I am already at and past 100% and it's only my 4th week. My boss told me today how happy she is that she hired me.

Anywho so I have 8 hours a day of mundane tasks and a lot of time to think. Here are some of the things that go through my head:

ding dong the which is dead

I can't believe my 10 year reunion is this year. I graduated 10 years ago and ever since that time I have wanted and looked forward to attending my 10 year reunion. Now guess who isn't attending her 10 year reunion? That's right me. I have decided there isn't money to travel to Arizona to go. I am being an adult about it. Though it is hard.

Well there have been others but when I sit down to write them I forget.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Lego Spiderman

Our home teachers son died last year (I can't remember what it was exactly) but he had been sick for a long time. This year some people from the ward and a local elementary school are doing a tree for him at the festival of trees. For those who don't know what that is, every year at Christmas people donate decorated trees, quilts, and all kinds of things that people buy in a silent auction. All the proceeds go to a hospital here in Utah. They invited people in the ward to participate and I decided to go along with the theme (red,yellow and blue, legos, superheroes) and make a quilt top. This is my finished product...well just the top.